The Juan and Only Podcast

How to Start Ecommerce Business + Lessons Learned, What is a Weeb & MORE | Juan & Only Podcast EP#1

October 15, 2018

4:08 Anime Culture
8:10 Building a Company based on Anime, How he got the business idea, How to Market the company
11:55 Meaning of Weeaboo / Weeb
15:00 Company's Mission Statement
16:40 Ideas for Expanding Brand Awareness
20:12 Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur
23:20 Inspirations to start his own company
27:30 Finding your niche for your business idea
29:00 Outsourcing resources
30:00 What gave him the confidence to start his company
33:00 Clouds and Dirt concept by Gary Vaynerchuk
38:40 Resources used and Dropshipping advice

43:00 My experience with working in startups
48:00 Stories as a young entrepreneur
53:00 SourceVue, my company

58:00 Why cameras dont record more than 30 minutes
1:01:00 Why Alibaba's CEO, Jack Ma, is stepping down
1:05:00 I look like a lemur
1:07:00 Youtube clickbait issues
1:17:00 Jake Paul & Shane Dawson controversy
1:28:00 Why Facebook & Google control most of your data and decisions
1:39:00 Why Fortnite is so popular and addicting